Monday, May 9, 2016

Priesthood Blessings

Hey folks, 

well it was great to see my family this on Saturday, what is left of 'em. . . yup the nest is getting pretty sparce, but at least the streak of handsome young men is still hanging by a thread. hahaha jk lil bros you all look peachy especially Isaac and his Captain America hair. By the way was the movie all that it supposed to be? Hope you enjoyed it. Anyway loved what you have done with the house and can't wait to whoop ya'll in pingpong in a couple of months. hahahaha. . . maybe not. 

Well This week we had a special mission conference with our dear mission President and were well trained in the work of salvation among the children of men in our dear mission and respective areas. Our mission President Lundgren shared some emotion when he told us of a phone call he received form èlder Costa recently informing him of a man he was interviewing to be the Stake President in Recife and that this man claimed to be baptized by èlder Lundgren many years ago. I hope to witness these types of miracles and blessing even when I have His age and that I may remember these people for the rest of my life. We were able to travel to Formosa this week as a group this Sunday to participate in a District Conference. It was a wonderful experience for us all, 4 men were advanced in the Melchizedek priesthood and we were approved to send the papers for a branch to be established here in Paracatu. I'm super excited. I was also very pleased to see many members from Planaltina de Goiás and rejoice with them. I didn't think I would have been blessed to see them all again. I love being a missionary. I was also pleased to talk a bit with Èlder Dias of the Area Seventy who spoke in the conference He spoke with such power and Spirit. I know he has a special calling as a testimony of the Savior. His final words were "My life and all that have are His" speaking of our Savior and lord Jesus and I felt honored to be in the presence of such a man. These men live the law of Consecration. I read a bit about when Howard W. Hunter was called to serve as an apostle and I know that these men give all for God. 

Well here are some picture of the mission conference my district and the bus ride to Formosa with Edgar's family. SOOO fun we played the ABC game with names from the scriptures and also 20 question with scripture personages. Everyone had a blast. we even sang some hymns!



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