Monday, May 2, 2016

Miracles Only Happen When We Show Our Faith and Act

Hey I've got some pictures for yáll. Uaí Só! That is a common phrase in the state of Minas Gerais. I think it is kinda funny. Man this week was a good one. We married Edgar and Cleonice and she and the kids where baptized Saturday. My companion was sooo excited and soooo nervous and soooo happy. He is such a great guy and it was very special for the both of us. I was able to baptize Sheliton and Maria Clara the 13 year old boy and the 9 year old girl. I was soo happy to get into the water again, I felt the spirit very strongly during the ordinance and also during the testimony of Edgar who really is like Aminidab in the book of Helaman if you want to the look that story up. When Nefi and Lei are preaching and then imprisoned and that angels appeared to while they were in the prison and there was one "less active" that called all the people to see what was happening. Yah that is kinda like Edgar. He was going to go on a mission, but with 17 years he moved to Paracatu and told a bunch a people about the church, but because in the time 2003 the church wasn't there he fell away for a time until he found out the church was in Paracatu. Today some of the church leaders in Paracatu are friends and neighbors whom he had told about the church. SUPER COOL, GOD IS GOOD

Well I hope you are all well and that you are witnessing miracles in your lives. I've learned as a missionary that miracles only happen when we show our faith and act. God is not dead, nor have angels stopped to minister upon the earth. Do not sleep through the Restoration. This is the most exciting period of time before the coming of the Savior. Our personal desires to serve and help others in the path of the Gospel will help us become prepared for that special day of His Coming!


Ya so unless you here otherwise let's plan on Saturday for the Skyping, because Sunday I will be traveling. If not lets do next week? let me know otherwise. 

2pm your time work for you guys, let me know otherwise, I'll get back to you guys


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