Monday, May 16, 2016

Trunky....Thanks to Mom....But Hangin' In There!

Hello one and all, Elder Anderson here a bit more trunky than usual thanks to mom, but hangin in. 

Well I am going to try and focus here as this young man vocalizes his excitement about the virtual game he is playing. . . oh public Internet stores. . . 

Anyway, this week was great my companion and I worked a lot. we are helping a young lad prepare for baptism and let me tell he is the biggest eight year old handful that I have ever seen and I love him to death. He lives with his grandma, but actually not, because he sleeps for days at His neighbors house who happens to be a member of the church and really her family is more of His family than his actual family if you catch my drift. He likes to run around in the street with his kite which is is his only friend he says. Whenever he sees us he becomes over exuberant with joy. He runs in circles with his arms outstretched and talks and talks and talks it is hilarious. Teaching him is a fun experience. He is so pure, but he seems to have matured more quickly, because of his family environment and sometimes needs the explicit version- the kid is learning to censor himself. 

While I was watching the General Conference from April during Èlder Andersens talk I felt that I should baptize him and it looks as if my companion and I will realize this desire this weekend. 

I love being part of the group Paracatu! The members are awesome and I am learning so much about the church and how it functions and is able to help people have their salvation providing spiritual guidance as much as material in the training of self-reliance and dependence upon the Savior Jesus Christ and His Gospel. These people have sooo much faith. They are passing through soo many trials and many don't have money to buy food, but they don't deny the faith. 

I know God lives, this is His church and His Gospel. In the names of Jesus Christ, amen. 

Élder Anderson

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