Monday, June 20, 2016

Baptisms, Underwear and Bawling Babies!

Wow I tell you what my friends there isn't anything better than the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

This week was exciting we prepared two brothers to be baptized by their uncle (see photo beneath) and we enjoyed an elders quorum barbecue and a youth activity as well not to mention that most of the youth who attended the activity were baptized the following day. It was such a cool experience to walk with them to the church. Them with their families and parents. I had the opportunity to interview 6 of these young whippersnappers and it was an experience that I won't forget. One of the youngest even chose me to baptize him. It is amazing what the gospel can do in our lives the change for good that following Christ results. One of the neighbors of these kids was being is being taught by the missionaries and he has already taken a life and not to mention a bullet in his leg. His mother is a drug user and I imagine he never knew his father. I am certain if we will look at the promises written in the Proclamation to the World about the Family from 1995 we will see that because of the destruction of the family many a curse will plague the land. And that is what I love about the Gospel is that is blesses families! It is incredible and i am soo thankful for my family and that soon I will be able to see your lovely faces! hahah I'm very excited, but I admit it is strange to think that I will soon leave these people that I have grown to love so much. This week is we have transfers and I don't know if I will stay here or go to another area to finish. I guess we will see, but one thing is for certain I will never forget this place. 

Oh this week week Élder Montes and I went to go knock some doors and we knocked on this house that is super big like this guy is wealthy and to our surprise he came out to greet us. . . in his underwear hahaha, but he is super awesome, we visited them afterward and there house is soooo beautiful I mean the most wealthy house that I have seen on my mission, really nice and it is just the two of them they don't have kids. Well we are thinking to share a part of Meet the Mormons with them and invite them to church this week hahaha I'm soo excited for this last week of work WE ARE GOING TO ROCK!

oh one more story so we received this reference from our group mission leader of this lady who needed some help building her house and so we went to check it out. Her family is awesome and she has a little 1 year old called john luke and I made him cry in the first visit because took a dirty sock out of his mouth, but thankfully he forgave me and everything. man I'm going to have to work on my baby skills. I'm coming LINUS WESLEY

love you all

ÈLDER Anderson

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