Monday, June 6, 2016

Hello everyone! 

Sorry about the really short letter last week. We were in Brasília and our time to use the internet was a bit limited. My companion and I were able to eat lunch with the President and it was super fun! haha Sister Lundgren even showed my "Contraband land" which is the where she keeps all of the american foods! Yum PEANUT BUTTER! TO bad we wiped that out in about a week. haha 

OH and more news, we are back in brasiília for zone activities and interviews with Presidente! haha we played a bunch of soccer today and even a game to 21 of basketball with the Presidente, We won of course. The president hit like 4 threes! He is pretty awesome and I'm excited to talk to him a bit tomorrow. Man we had a super sweet week last week at church as a district we took 24 investigators to church, however this week we let them have a bit more responsibility and go and only one went, ya so that was interesting, but we will not give up! We are going to work even harder this week! Because we are persistent! Man I was a bit tired this week, but I'm excited to help more people learn about Christ and I will help them!


Élder Anderson

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