Monday, June 13, 2016

When Disappointments Come Ask,"What does God Want Me to Do Right Now"?

Hey guys, I'm back in Paracatu and feeling good to finally have a p-day with more time to write you all ahhaha it has been pretty crazy the past few weeks, but they have been super fun, too. 

My companion and I are working a lot, but have been sad to see many of our investigators stop progressing. There have been times this week when I have thought after our plans had fallen through: What does God want me to do right now? I have witnessed many times this week that as I trusted in Him and His plans I was able to do His will and I could be an instrument in His hands. 

Saturday night my companion and i were seated near a park after one of our appointments had fallen through and even after knocking a few doors and not having success I remembered a lady we had met a while back who lived close by and we decided to go knock on her door. She began to tell us of her experiences with God and the miracles he has done in her life, but also of the longing to find a church were she feels good and where she belongs. We were able to share with her the book of mormon and I have never seen someone receive The Book with such gratitude and joy than her. She held it close to her as if it was the answer to her pains and daily trials of life yet even as we were reading from the book a crazy drug dealer with whom we had previously shared the book started yelling at us that the Book was a lie and the The Bible was enough and that there wasn't a need for more of the word of God. Thankfully he buzzed off, interesting how the enemy always shows up when the spirit is working. This was certainly a faith builder for me. 

Well I just can't tell you all how blessed I feel to be here in Brazil serving the lord with some of the most faithful people I have ever met. In our district of 6 missionaries 2 of us were raised in the church. These members in Paracatu are incredible and I know that I will never forget them. I was privileged to talk with President Lundgren last week in an interview and He told me he was really happy with me and what I have done to help my companions and the people in Brazil as a missionary. He said he was going to miss my group a lot and I feel really grateful that God gave me such a great mission President to take care of me for this 2 years, He has always been positive and helped me reach my potential as a missionary. We even talked a bit about post-mission life, but I won't get into to much of that hahah. But I'm thinking about following dad's Chiropractor track! haha
P.S. Look up "Brazil Brasilia Mission President Lundgren" on Facebook to see some stuff from the mission. I love you all and wish you all a very good week and remember to let your light shine!

Èlder Anderson

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