Monday, December 8, 2014

Dearest Family I Am Near You

Hello dearest family, welcome to the Elder Anderson report of the Santo Antônio do Descoberto, Brasil, Brasilia mission!

Elder Arias is my new companion from Chile, his parents were baptized by a Matt Moody from Utah, I'm quite certain that it is the same we know, PLEASE confirm this, he served in Chile right? Elder Arias loves soccer and sings really well, he is an amazing missionary, we had an amazing week. 

People I'm teaching- Elisioneide e Reimundo, this is the couple Elder Mattos and I were teaching but weren't able to return for a long time, but Elder Arias and I were very pleased to find them reading The Book of Mormon all of this time and with a testimony of it's truthfulness, this family is by far the most prepared and most leadership type family that I have yet encountered and it makes me happy to know that my first week in the mission because of talking to a 11 year old boy about his special name Gabriel that the Woman next to him would be able to meet with us and have a date for baptism the 10th of January after they marry and they determined that even before we arrived. 

We also committed 2 other senhoras to baptism whom I have previously known and one of them Solande, all of here children are members less active, she serves the community by coaching soccer teams for various ages, she is amazing, and what's more is that Elder Arias and I invited some of the children to return to church and they accepted, it was wonderful to see the joy on the face of a less active as she saw her children return from primary with smiling happy faces. 

My companion is wonderful at contacting in the street with pamphlets setting return appointments and preaching to the gospel. we made 30 contacts this week with 15 return appointments. we carried the district in novos this week. 

Speaking of my companion it is his birthday today so we threw eggs and flour ate him when he woke up. strange huh? a custom in brazil, we took a video, some of the eggs were a little frozen, but oh well, 

Lifestyle, with each passing month on my mission the apartment has gotten cleaner and cleaner until last week Elder Schinigoski of Parana, Elder Brown de Great Britain, well he was born there, my companion and I went at it, cleaned the floors just about everything. It is pretty awesome. Order, Cleanliness, all do Senhor. 

Hey I have Clark for Christmas right, I will make his present today and send it this week. And that day I said I could send a box to you guys I think I was day dreaming it is really expensive, but maybe I can use my card? no worries Clark it will be a great letter! I promise.

Speaking of my card is everything good, isn't more expensive to use to make purchases, well I used it a few times one time at the bank to get some dough to help out the zone t-shirts, good thing that worked out. 

Oh our ward is getting more excited every day, the Bishop is returning to work in Brasilia, the leadership is really picking things up this hole in the ground town is really fulfilling the promises of the lords church. And geographically it really is a hole in the ground by the way, kinda cool, like a valley you know. 

Well, I never felt so much like a missionary in one week I think, this transfer will be wonderful, my companion has already taught me so much. 

Did I mention it rains here a lot!? ya it does, but it is really cool. 

I like playing the organ in church. I've been thinking more about my musical talents and how I would like to develop them more and share them with others. . . there are so many wonderful things to learn on the mission, in school, in the family, in life. . . make a goal, say a prayer, and hie ho away we go, off to never land. I love this Gospel, a Gospel of progression, Eternal Progression, we have an almighty God we created us, he loves us, and wants us to be like him, he sent his son to die for us that we may live again free of sin and pain and death. Families can be together forever, I know this. I want to study my genealogy more, the Book of Mormon is true and the key stone of our religion and whoever will test this book of sincere intent shall receive a witness through the power of the Holy Ghost. This is true. I testify of it as a representative of Jesus Christ and say unto every one, of my family, friends, seek this Jesus, and share his LOVE, through obedience to the commandments of the Father we can have joy in this life and the next. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 

Merry Christmas family, Clark I approve this one, yes you may, top my friend top, returned missionary, de ouro cara, de ouro, não posso esperar até falamos em portuguese cara no natál vai ser chique, te amo!

Só Isso vou enviar photos,


Elder Anderson

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