Monday, December 22, 2014

Hello Loved Ones!

Wow, what wonderful emails, 

Andrew, good to hear from you, how wonderful that you have found a friend to enjoy and share the joy of the Gospel with, with your beloved wife in whom you mentioned you love quite a bit. Remember the talk by Elder Bednar from Conference, this part is what is most beautiful about the Gospel, sharing the Gospel with a friend so their family can enjoy the blessings of the gospel. Our ward had a baptism this weekend because of this very thing. A family sharing with another family the remedy that they have-the restored Gospel. How wonderful to have a friend which really is basic to the Gospel as my stake President spoke this weekend the working together as friends in the spirit of love and understanding is how our father in Heaven would have us do. Thanks Andrew

Isaac, hey man your the one that was asking for fasting tips man, callin me a tubber. no just joking, how is your fasting by the way? are you applying some of those ideas? Fasting for a purpose? It isn't easy, that is for sure, I'm trying to apply the principle of fasting more effectively in my week. 

Which reminds me, Mother! Thank you for the scripture in Exodus and also the scripture about fasting a while back, I could feel your love and concern from a mile a way. . .or many miles. . . away. Oh ya and I knew it I knew it I'm going to be an Uncle! oh by the way I prefer Uncle Louie, or Lewis, Uncle Hayden doesn't have the ring to it. Just so you know. Oh and I'm sorry, but I haven't received the package yet, it may be at the mission office by now,  I'm not sure when I will obtain it, but I'm sure I will enjoy it, or some one will. Oh and your idea about the food thing around the world is amazingly awesome, you guys are so creative. Not to mention the Christmas Card, just like your mother, mother, :) I too and baking, sweltering what ever word has more sweat in it that is what I would pick. But I don't think that goes well with baking...  Oh and my missionary friends and I are also singing spreading Gospel Cheer at this blessed time, it is really cool, we all sing pretty well. HAHA we have a mission Christmas party, training, dinner, day and we prepared a number singing feliz navidad and merry Christmas, it really was golden afterwards we threw candy to everyone. 

Hey Did Matt Moody serve a mission in Chile or not? if he did he baptized the parents of my companion- please get the scoop. Cool connection.

Clark, hahaha sim mande, mande meu amigo, possou assistir sim. Que legal, obrigado. Você aprendeu como fazer arroz na missão frita em olho e alho? Muito bom o arroz aqui espero que poder mostrar a mai porque arroz salgado eu acho e muito melhor. Oh and did you receive my letter yet? I hope it arrives in time. Love you man oh and how is Hilary? eh? Possibilities, returned missionary? Go my son the time is now hahah love you man. 

Well, my time is short, my face is fat, my waste is wider, I'm still tall, and I'm growing in many many ways haha joking, I'm learning how to joke more with my Chilean companion the other Brazilian and Englishman- sorta ( he was lived there for five years after is birth, but it is cool to say anyway)

We will talk more on Thursday, but so you know my testimony was strengthened a whole lot this week on my purpose to find families to baptize on the mission because that is really where we experience the most joy, applying the principles of the gospel in our families, the most growth, and learning, and eternal joy, we could ever have, my companion and I have this focus and we are working with the friends and family or our ward members, helping them fulfill their purpose as servants in the kingdom of God. 

Much Love, 

Elder Anderson

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