Monday, December 29, 2014

The Windows of Heaven are Opening up!

Whose got the blessings?! Well my dear family I am very happy to report
that I couldn't be more satisfied with the work that is happening in the
timing of the Lord here in Santo Antônio. This week in accordance to a
challenge from the zone leaders to mark 3 baptismal date, my companion and
I marked 4 and found some wonderful people who are really ready to receive
the restored gospel. Yesterday alone we found two couples that are just
starting up families- really cool. Quick stories with yesterday, we went to
the homes of two less active families both of which have been to the temple,
but whom haven't been going to church because of the hurt feelings, or lack
of enthusiasm about the ward, but my companion was able to share a great
testimony especially because of the experience he had returning from the
mission for 8 months and many people in the church judging him, but never
giving up his testimony that the church is true. Both of these families are
going to church Sunday. One family we blessed their sick child before we
left- the woman of this household has a rock hard faith in the Gospel,
great example for the family. The other family we spent a bunch of time
with the father who served a mission in Sao Paulo, looking at pictures from
the mission and everything, played a little football americano with his son
and sang them a Christmas song. The blessings of attending church are soo
apparent- these people are soo sad and are missing out on the sacrament.

Speaking of Church, it was absolutely amazing Sunday. A recent convert
Junior, received the Priesthood, I can't express the special feeling of the
spirit and body as I had the opportunity to place my hand on his head as he
was conferred upon the power of God the responsibilities that are in
accordance. He is a great man, and will marry and serve many people
including his future children. He will baptize his nephew this next week.

Oh one other experience that happened yesterday, we were entered a
neighborhood we had never worked before and I 10 steps into the street we
found a man stricken with pain for the loss of his wife several years ago,
I felt prompted to invite him to be baptized and he accepted, we will be
returning to his house this week, it is really incredible how God places
people in our path who we must talk to. Another example that happened
yesterday, I had wanted to find this guy Mateus for the longest time, but
he was never home. we was the first contact a made in Brasilia, and we were
passing by his house so I thought to knock. And low and behold who answered
the door Mateus! but it wasn't the same Mateus that I had talked with on
the bus that day. But no matter this Mateus skates with our ward missionary
leader and was looking to be baptized, but wasn't sure were. He has 15
years, but you wouldn't believe it he is an elite.

Well, all I can say is that I hope I can stay here one more transfer to
baptize a lot, but it sure is great to see the blessing after the trial of
our faith.

Well got to go

Elder Anderson

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