Monday, December 15, 2014

Story Time

Hello Dear Family, well first thing i have to say mother is "it is not fat. . . it is just poofy." hahah name that movie. what a great one. well the truth is uma senhora told me i have gained weight this week so i guess that seals the deal doesn't it. . . well at least i'm not starving right! oh and the people are quite friendly the majority that is some turn their heads or walk faster but that is understandable, i really am kind of a giant here especially on the bus, zack wouldn't make it here i think public transportation would be the end of him, but it is just kind of funny really. Many opportunities to share the Gospel we will put it that way. But, it is the truth, today we went shopping and I can feel these people are looking and wondering, and I really just need to open my mouth and give one of those "He is the Gift Cards"- courage to follow the promptings of the spirit- do it now- don't procrastinate. 

Well I had wondered why people shoot fireworks during the day here, my companion tells me it is drug trafiking, so that makes a lot of sense now. But, we are quite safe here, just have to avoid certain locations in the night time. Our area is quite large, but we are going to get to know more areas in search of the lords elite.

Dad the Christmas letter was absolutely wonderful, inspired in deed. thank you for the pictures. Mother I love you way to go serving all of these people, such a nice experience for you to hold the little baby thinking of Jesus, He is the Gift. Many people here think more of the mother who bore him and it blurs the purpose of the Savior a bit, Christ is the Redeemer, He is the Savior, who rose from the dead and loosed the bands of death,   

So I guess there was a special conference for all of Brazil, but our ward kind of missed the majority of it because we didn't have power, but I got to talk to the Bishop a lot, He is such a swell guy, I'm excited to work with him more. 

We are helping the sister of a recent convert prepare for baptism and it is wonderful to see the example of these young women for their parents and this week we were able to teach with the mother present and I feel that one day they will accept the restored gospel- the gospel blesses familes- I know it. I was able to share some photos of you my beautiful familiy serval times this week and bear testimony of the gospel path for families and how baptism is the gate in which we enter to receive these blessing together as a family. I really feel the power of the priesthood as a preach the gospel with boldness and clarity and with love for those I meet. This is when I feel the gift of tongues when I realize this purpose. 

Which brings us to the next story, The language, yes mother it has been a struggle and this week I realized how much I have yet to learn and that only in the spirit of humility and hard work, can I become fluent in this language. I have rededicated my effort to learn new words and study grammer so I can really embrace the language and so I can talk with Clark at Christmas :)

Oh so I talked with this 88 year old man for a while this week whom every one thinks is crazy and just listened to his stories of life and I really felt the spirit and how important it is that we learn from the past of our ancestors and take care of them in their old age. This guy to me is the like the centinal of his family, the only one who really knows what is going on- I took some time to study my family history because of this experience and going to look to help the recent converts to get started and prepare to serve in the temple. 

Well the next time I talk to you there will only be a few days left until Christmas I will get you more details about skype then. Oh and Clark I sent you a letter should arive in a week. Dad I was wondering how is work? 

I can't send more pictures today, just the one. Love you guys

Merry Christmas,

Elder Anderson

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