Monday, December 1, 2014

Juntos todos Juntos!

Hello my lovelies for lack of time I'm putting the answers to Brother Ence's questions here with you because I think you guys would like to know too.

What could I share with the young men? My companion was transferred today no it wasn't an emergency it is all cool, and now I have a new companion from Chile who has 10 months on the mission, I can already tell that we are going to be able to a lot of work together, where as my other companion had many problems with health and had 2 more months on the mission than me. This just shows me that God has things he wants us to learn on the mission, not just working our brains out. With my first companion, I learned a lot about humility, patience, and things that i may not have learned otherwise had it not been for the difficult circumstances we had at times. And now, I feel that there is a change and I will be able to learn more yet and serve more people and lead people to the path that leads to Eternal Life. One thing that my other Companion taught me is to be a friend, a came to earth to walk the path together, not alone, and we should strengthen each other with our time, service, and our example, and when I think about Jesus I think of him as an example and did his example shine before men, YES! BE AN EXAMPLE MY YOUNG MEN! 

HEY I want to hear from my young men! TELL them to write to me and tell me how they are doing please Brother Ence?

Okay my dear family first of all I have pictures of the transfer, but this computer is a bit odd so we'll see about that, 

Mother I just about cried with your letter, yes I love you, and no my Thanksgiving wasn't very special, actually I forgot until the afternoon, I recall thinking some thankful thoughts, yes I know it is shameful. glad to hear you are working on a box for me! Happy 50th my dear one, Dad way to be smooth with the surprise, nice!

Dad you are a rock and yes I'm trying to manage my email time for you my parents. 

But this week I learned more about patience as Elder Mattos was sick again this transfer he had a urine infection, water virus, and a cold, but we were able to find some new investigators and Elder Brown and I did a service project while the others stayed at home, we did Capinando, basically taking out the grass, Cutting it down, hoeing it out, all for this school's beauty it was pretty awesome, and I got some pretty awesome blisters. Afterwards we ate a churasca and torta de ma├ža,and yes that means apple pie! It was amazing! oh I also ate sugar cane this week, super tasty. 

Two of the most special moments that have occurred on my mission have been after a companionship inventory and when my companion said the prayer before we left the house this morning. I don't think that hug appropriately names it because of the incredible spirit of companionship and support that I felt, but I know that we suffered together and we laughed together and we worked together and prayed together and I believe we are better because of it.

Love you family,

Elder Anderson   

p.s. sorry this computer won't let me send the pics from the transfer.
oh and did i mention that 70 percent of the members of the church in Brazil are non members, that is a major part of our work to, strengthening the stakes! 

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