Monday, March 2, 2015

Training as District Leader

Okay so I'm training right. My companion is from Rio de Ji onero. He is the Only active member is his family besides his cousin. He doesn't like to eat his vegetables, wants to learn a lot of new things like English and piano and helps me with Portuguese. It is great to train and be District Leader.

This week my companion and I had many opportunities to teach by the Spirit and were able to find many new people, many families who are interested in the restored message we have for them. We invited people to read the Book of Mormon pray about it's truthfulness and be baptized, including members in the process, it works especially well when the investigator is a reference and we work to retain the person as a member of the church and someone we can strengthen the church.  
Saturday we made a contact with a girl in the street who had interest in an English Class and showed up in Church the next day. We had been fasting for our baptismal dates to show up in church, but the Lord put many other better opportunities in our path because of our faith. This girl has been to many churches, but wants to be baptized and is going to read the Book of Mormon to gain a testimony of it´s truthfulness. We need to work to convert these people before they are baptized, a sort of baptism of repentance. She will be a great asset to the church and has a desire to serve a mission- the spirit shines in her.

Adriana is so happy- the woman the was baptized this past two weeks ago, she is praying everyday and reading the Book of Mormon and even gave the prayer in Gospel Principles this Sunday. There wasn't a teacher present,so I gave the lesson including 4 or five investigators 3 or 4 recent converts and some less active members. I really felt guided by the Spirit during the class, including the thoughts of everyone in the class and we really learned some great things together- great opportunity.
Choir is going to start this week, we are going to make plans for a talent show. Especially after I ate lunch at a less actives house on Sunday and he played the guitar and sang for us and yah we have to have a talent show

Okay, but I have to go I love you 

I will write more next week

èlder Anderson

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