Monday, March 23, 2015

Dreams, Prayers and Visions

Hello my beloveds,

I'm pleased to hear that you are all well, Clark is dancing, must be madly in love, what great selections of music- I will be expecting some of the music, please. I'm going to be an uncle. My father and mother are so awesome, today I watched a film that Clark put on my flash drive of "Silent Night" in the tabernacle and I showed it to my companion and an investigator, even I was impressed. We are so blessed with the opportunity to develop musical talents- beautiful. Today is P-day, but we were invited to eat lunch with an investigator and ended up leaving a message with his son as well about the Book of Mormon. We are preparing a lot of strong Spirits here as of late, I have a lot of hope for this man and His family, hope a miracle happens after he goes with us to General Conference and the baptisms this weekend. Yes baptisms, A couple that will be married this Wednesday and baptized Saturday, I would say working with this family has been one of the more delightful experiences I have had on the mission, such faith, and Spirit, and wow, I'm going to baptized the 23 year old father. What a wonderful experience- the President is going to be there as well, including Elder b. Almeida, he is going to baptize the wife, Flavia.

Interesting, we ate lunch with the future David Archulete of MMA here in Brazil and he told me that he had a dream that I was getting married, dressed in a light colors near the temple, to a beautiful blonde girl.. . hum, 

This week my companion and I were teaching Adriana, a recent convert about eh Priesthood. She had previously told us about some difficulties she was having with finances, marriage, and her son, and as we were about to dedicate her home, her son entered the small living space. We invited him to pray with us; I dedicated the home, and prompted by the Spirit we started to explain a bit about the priesthood to this 18 year old. I felt the Spirit encourage me to invite him to be baptized, and he accepted. Such love God has for His children. We can not judge someone before we have tried to put ourselves in their shoes and feel the love that Christ has for them- what a blessing. It will require much work with the ward auxiliaries to ensure his success in this endeavor.

Happily, we had an incredible meeting with our Ward Mission Leader and Bishop this Sunday, made plans to call 7 couples as ward missionary leaders, and an activity based on missionary work for the 11th. The Bishop is soo excited. I mentioned the idea of activity including the tree of life the trails through the church until the top floor were we will have a meeting and snacks near the tree of life. There will be temptations along the way, rooms with enticing activities, but the real treasure is on the top floor. The Bishop loved the idea and we are going to include the Presidencies and have a wonderful activity. We are already thinking about the next one, focused on Family History work. There hasn't been an activity in this ward for many moons, but things are going to change and I think that the construction of the new chapel will start this month in April. 

Oh dad I have a wish from a ward member here- he is asking about some Irish hymns if you have them, could you send them to me? He helps a ton with the work here and funny enough he also  loves the song "I have a Plan" from my turn on earth and I am translating into Portuguese for him. Any info you have would be great, i would also like some good Irish music. 

I'm going to add an element into my language study that Clark suggested as I prepare for General Conference, which I am going to watch in Portuguese, listening to some conference talks on the music player that Clark gave me. THANKS CLARK! I want to be fluent in the language when I hit 1 year and I have faith that it can happen, but I have to work really hard.

Love you all, God loves us All

Oh and I love my Grandparents, too, they are super special- we are their seed you know.

√Člder Anderson

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