Monday, March 9, 2015

Okay....Wait a's a Boy?

Please console my doubts no one has been saying anything, but I see that picture and now I just feel weird. . . everything is good I'm still going to be an uncle?

Well, nice to talk to you all, good to see some pictures of you and my blessed family- the Gospel of Christ has so richly blessed our family has it not? Speaking of such blessings, dad could you get my priesthood line of authority from my temple bag, scan it and send an attachment to me? that would be wonderful, thank you. 

These past two weeks have been pretty sweet with the Lord putting his chosen ones in our path. we found a young man with great spiritual capacities who just wants to follow Jesus and walk in righteousness, he is kinda like one of the sons of mosiah yah know. We left him to read a bit about the story. Another man called for us while he was in a shop at work asking for a Book of Mormon and wanting to receive a visit. And there are a handful of families we are working with that could start progressing this week. The truth seekers are coming out of the wood work- perfect because we have the truest truth that is out there-truly. The Family that is progressing the most is of Course Weverton and Flavia- man they are young and firm in testimony and in a couple weeks will be baptized and married and that family will be blessed for ever if they keep keepin the commandments like they are doing, there twelve year old some Elias is preparing to be baptized too, but he has a tough time understanding things so we have to really go to his level and teach very well, the train is just starting to chug a long. We are going to baptized super woman I am pretty sure, mark a date this week for baptism, she just wants to help everyone, wants to serve a mission has 19 years and wow she is going places and the Gospel will take her there, let´s see if we can bring her mom too.

We had a ward counsel this week and I really am seeing how important it is to baptize the people who are ready and who will be a strength to the church and not another name on the less active list- it starts with us and the mission is changing with the help of the lord. 

 i love learning new things here, cooking, fixing stuff, the Brazilian way of life is soo awesome, I want to bring the culture home with me including much of the food, but we'll see what I can do there, Do you guys have a pressure pan in the states, must have one, it is just a little more dangerous, because uses steam to cook the beans and stuff, but if I don't bring one home I can do without it. 

I love the Gospel, my companion and I are learning a lot- I'm helping the Brazilians learn English. Really cool- this gospel is true and I love you

Elder Anderson

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