Monday, March 30, 2015

Nephites, Toilets and Baptisms

Hello dear family!

So one of the Elders here always calls me Néfitão which means big nephite. I think it is kind of funny, the next thing is that here in Brazil you don't put toilet paper in the toilet, you put it in the trash. The funny thing is, one of the Brazilian Élders forgot and clogged the toilet and left it there.. . . for a while. Until one day a brave young lad, knowing that many had tried there best to unclog the old stinker, decided to brave it on his own! Ya I felt pretty cool. Turns out the elder who clogged the toilet also lost his back pack a month ago due to my companion and I so I still need to help him purchase a back pack, but I will remind him of that day and maybe that will soften his heart. 

Oh and the most important baptisms. Élder B. Almeida, Élder Barreto and I all participated in the marriage and baptism of Weverton and Flavia, including the baptism of her son Elias. It was absolutely wonderful, the first family I have had the opportunity to baptize and Weverton chose me to baptize him. He has such a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon and loves reading it and learning, and wants to receive His Patriarchal blessing and finish His schooling. Flavia has such a warm personality and a strong testimony of the Spirit she too felt while reading Alma 5, Elias is pure in heart and will be a great priesthood holder. The family of Flavia was at the baptism and who knows more baptisms may be following. We have a family night planed with Weverton tonight and are going to try to start teaching his uncle and family- Weverton and Flavia have a huge family, some are members but less active- James we also visited him this week, he is having a hard time getting work of to go to church, but we promised him that the treasures most precious are those that we store in heaven through our obedience on the Earth. 
The transfer will be ending next week and I am interested to see what will happen, I feel that i will stay with my companion, but the other companionship that has been a bit of a burden, because they don't want to work together any more I think will be divided. It has been a good opportunity for me to try to humbly serve them and encourage them to continue working. I traded companions with them a couple times this week to help with situation and help motivate one of the Élderes. I'm learning that a leader has to be soo humble and patient and really serve with love for each one of His district members. It is hard to that we are all disobedient to some degree, but we have to help each other be the best we can be, and I feel that the example of Christ should be our pattern. 

We taught our investigator Luciano yesterday who is progressing and has promised to obey the word of wisdom until General Conference in search for a witness of this church as the church of God on the Earth. He will be a powerful leader when his is baptized. A really kind man, searching for truth. It will be a bit complicated with his catholic wife, but we will work on that.

I love the mission and working with ward leaders, stake leaders and mission leaders. We had ward conference this Sunday and what an edifying experience and opportunity to hear the words of an inspired stake leader- really these men are called of God- really excited for General Conference!

Love you All

Élder Anderson

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