Monday, July 27, 2015

"You Get a Line and I'll Get a Pole"

Wow, well let me tell you. . . I'm still not that great of a fisher man

Today Élder Thomas and I accompanied the Bishop to a waterfall that is close to where we live. Élder Thomas was wanting to get out in nature he practically lived in the mountains before the mission. He is super cool and so is our Bishop who happened to bring some line and hooks on the trip and we ended up using some thick grass for a pool and going a fishin'. 

"You get line and I'll get a pole .. . . . " andy griffeth show

Any way so that was super awesome! The Bishop ended up catching 14 little fishes and Élder Thomas 1 and you guessed it Élder Anderson 0. Well at least I got to get my hands in the dirt and hunt for worms to stick on the line before the little fishys robbed em' all! Super cool experience would love to send you a picture, but I don't have a way to send them today! Well, maybe I can work something out and send a picture afterwards. . . . 

Well this week was pretty cool, my companion had an idea to let each companionship in our zone make a goal each day for the zone to accomplish. It helped a lot with zone unity and working in creative ways for example, doing 7 random acts of kindness, or 4 references from members, quoting a scripture from the Book of Mormon in 10 contacts, stuff the the companionships made up to help our zone find more new investigatores and have more excitment in our work as missionaries.

My companion is super awesome and I am receiving some great counsel from him about teaching and being a missionary. I'm trying to be humble and honor God and I'm realizing things each day I can improve to be a better person, someone that others like to be around and they can feel loved and can share there feelings and thoughts, this is super important. I have good examples and great missionaries in our district and I am super glad that I'm learning these attributes as a missionary and as a person. 

Tomorrow we have a mission conference and I'm excited to receive some counsel and apply the revelations that I may receive. One thing I and my companion have been feeling that we can improve is the fast. I remember a letter mom had sent me about the fast and I really know that I can apply this powerful tool more to help me, our investigatores and the missionaries in our zone. I am feeling a few "growing pains", but I feel that it is all part of God's plan for me to be a better disciple of Christ, more faithful, more wise, more courageous, and more charitable. I'm learning that prayer is the tool that will help us be "Grateful in our Circumstances", always looking for the hand of The Lord in our lives. 

One thing I thought was interesting in my patriachal blessing was that it says after a period of difficulty I would be able to communicate with the people whom I am called to teach, and I always that of that as Portuguese, but I was always confused because i didn't feel that I was having such great difficulty. But, know I realize that maybe the language that I am learning is a language that is even more important than Portugues, maybe the language I'm learning is the language of The Spirit, the language of the angels and of God- the language of love. The apostle Paul writes about the importance of love in 1st Corinthins 13 the first first is excellent. I love you all and thank you for your support and prayers.

Te Amo,

P.S. mom you know that little cow cup you sent me, yah well it broke into pieces, but thankfully my companion had super glue and I was able to fix it up just about the way it was when you sent it haha. Thank you soooo much for the munchies and jam and hymn book! 

Élder Anderson

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