Monday, August 3, 2015

Transferred/Satan Worshiper

Well I have news, at not every day of the week news. . . 

I HAVE BEEN TRANSFERED. . . ya I know who would have thought, 

However, what is funny is that I was feeling when I arrived in Paranoá that I wouldn't stay very long. Well, it was a great time there and I learned really important things:

1. References and working with members is the greatest and most effective form to help people enter into the fold of God. I was able to see the difference between the two and the fruits of member missionary work. By the way you guys remember that really cool story I told you abou the boy who raised his hand on the bus, ya so sadly he decided that although he believes in The Book of Mormon he wanted to continue going to his aunts chruch. 

Which reminds me I don't know if I have told you about all of the apostasy that exists here in Brazil, churchs on every corner and let me tell you Satan has got a hold and many people because of "craftiness of men". But then there are others that are like straight up Satan worshipers, this last week I asked someone for directions and mention that I was a missionary of Christ and he showed me a strange looking ring, and said- Satan. Ya that freaked me out and what's more is that this young woman passed by after and entered into the house where that guy was- man the world is a crazy place, anyway moving on. . . 

So my time is short because while my companion and I were going to our new area Planaltina we discovered that our cell phone was lost and we had to go back to discover it and we are waiting to receive it until now. My companion is Élder Pincovai, he has 21 years and is from São Paulo, we will be Zone Leaders together and I am ready to rock!

Clarissa I got the letter of Linus's pictures thank you so much!

Sorry but I will have to go Love you all

Élder Anderson

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