Monday, August 24, 2015

3 Baptisms....Arise and Seize the Day!

Dearest Family I am writing you! 

This week we had 3 baptisms here in Planaltina de Goias! I'm currently loading the photos for you to see the proof! I was privileged to baptize Maria, the lady who found us in the street and man that was special to teach her and get into the water too- yah! I also was able to interview the 8 year old son of the other lady that was baptized. I was so surprised when I began to talk with him and he mentioned that he had some scary experiences with evil spirits and how excited he was to be baptized so that these bad things would go away. We talked about light and how when light is present, darkness is as he said- "destroyed". He is going to receive the light and presence of the Holy Ghost next week and he is super excited to pay tithing and keep the word of wisdom as well. . . wow my companion is awesome. . . he just bought me a Coca- Cola. . . . okay now that I'm refreshed where was I. . . oh yes baptism, salvation, eternal happiness and satisfaction. That is my work you know, or rather The work of my God. 

This week I had some special realizations of the importance of the Gospel as I studied the first chapter of Preach My Gospel this week. I love this quote from Élder Oaks in which he explains that the preaching of the Gospel is literally opening the gate of salvation for the children of God, we don't preach for any other reason other than this- open the gates.

"Open the gates and seize the day, don't be afraid and don't delay, nothing can brake us, no one can make us, give our rights away. . . 


Thank you Newsies! wow I got the chills all over while writing that.

Anway so I have set a goal for the second half of my mission, a number of people to whom I will open the gates of salvation, the path to eternal life. My goal is to baptize 2x's more people than I baptized last year and I know that it is very possible. Our mission President has reminded us to 1. Baptize 2. Rescue 3. Strengthen. Yesterday my companion and I spent a few hours helping with the branch choir and I began to teach the youth piano, we are going to start for real next week and I'm super excited to see the benefits of the this work, including English class that we had on Saturday. My area is super great and I'm learning a lot about the importance of service, love, and The Gospel of Jesus Christ! I love you family, share you light with the world!


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