Monday, August 31, 2015

I'm Happy!

Well it is with great love and graditude with which I speak with you today and I would like to say that. . . I'm happy, I'm happy, I'm happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Anyway let's get down to busniness. . . to defeat the huns. . . okay for real. . .

So we had a super week, lots of new investigatores, we like to do a thing called "estante" if that is how you spell it. And basically you get yourself a table and some mondern literery gospel resources and place them all perrrty-like on the table. Next, you get your table and you place it in a stratigic location where their is a surplus of people- nuf said. I think i made my point. 

This way we end up finding loads of people who are interested in our missionary messages. Including a nice family with whom we marked a baptismal goal for 2 weeks from now. They really liked church on Sunday and made some comments about needing to leave their old church and join ours. Well not ours, but the church of God. Speaking of which what an amazing Sacrament meeting! We had 5 confirmations and I was able to participate in 3 of them. I really felt the importance of these saving ordinances, there was such a strong spirit present. And the speeches were on the Day of the Lord, Jejum and Avoiding pride, bitterness, and gossip. It was a super special day. We also had choir and began some disorganized piano instruction which is why I'm without a voice today, yah not sure how that happened. Oh so I sent you all some pictures of baptisms just now and we baptized a nine year old girl whose uncle is a member of the church, she is so incredible and seems to have a inapt capacity to recognize truth and act upon it. Her family is a working progress, but her uncle received the priesthood that same day and is super awesome. I told him he reminds me a bit of my uncle Brandon Jarrett- you know awesome and all- shout out to the Jarrett family!!!! Love you sooooooo much!!!!!

Oh I watched Meet the Mormons almost 2 times completely this last week, ya my companion has the film and we ending up watching it with some recent converts- great stuff. "It's like a symphony, just keep listening, pretty soon you'll start, to figure out your part.". . . 

Oh I just remembered some bad news I need to tell you guys. . . my flash drive last we picked up a virus. . . ya you know the story, cleaned it, I'm pretty sure i won't get it back, but the good news is is that you have half of it all in that little pin drive I sent you a while back and the other fourth I have on my camera currently, so I just ended up loosing some picture from the last part of my time in São Sebastião, but if you guys are saving the pictures I'm sending you in the emails, maybe we aren't even missing that much- wow when I made that realization monday afternoon- that was just another testament that God exsits let me tell you. That much I know. 

Well my dear ones, I really must be going. Today I played soccer and my companion and I got supplies for our zone and spent about 5 hours on the bus, hence I'm writing email so late, Oh Élder Costa is going to talk to us next week, super excited, love you all have a great week!!!!!

ÉLder Anderson

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