Monday, August 17, 2015

"Killed a Missionary" (Took to Airport-Finished Mission)/Most Inspired Talk

Okay so I understand if you are a bit disappointed with my last few letters, it has been a bit hurried lately, sorry about that.

This week my companion and I did some serious traveling to do some baptismal interviews, Oh and I "killed" a missionary this week, that was really ruff, I think I was more trunky than he was. He went home on friday and that night my companion and I went my bus to Posse which is a 4 hour bus ride. We arrived there 4 in the morning and returned on Sunday. 

Sunday during the meeting I was asked to give a talk. I felt I should talk about the Restoration and how Joseph's Smiths prayer was answered and I ended up including the Liahona from March 2008 if you know what I mean. It was one of the most special talks I have ever given in my life, I really felt guided by the spirit and I felt the gift of tongues on my side as well. This week I felt the same way when we were teaching a young woman about the commandments in preparation for her baptismal interview. Super cool feeling, so thankful for it.

I was happy to see in church yesterday a woman that stopped to talk to us in the street this week. She shared some interesting experiences which other churches and how she kinda flipped out in the catholic church and prophesied that it would be destroyed and stuff like that. What was super interesting was when she saw the name Joseph Smith on the back of the Resoration pamphlet she new the name and seemed to recognize it from somewhere. I invited her to be baptized and marked a date for the 23. She is progressing, we just have to find her house and teach her before her baptism. During the entire sacrament meeting she was just holding her bosom and seemed like she was really recognizing te Spirit, super cool.

We are having choir every Sunday and I feel a bit like dad trying to help these guys with their singing abilities, trying to apply what the big pa taught me, that's all. The youth are excited to learn english and sing as well.

Well, sorry if it is a bit shor today, too, but I gotta go, Love you all and will hope to improve my letters more each week. hahaha, busy, busy!


Èlder Anderson

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