Monday, August 10, 2015

Started a Choir/Companion;Great Missionary

Hey family I hope you saw my pictures that I sent you right now. 

My companion is from São Paulo. He is a great missionary, suffered cancer in the blood as a 13 year old, his parents are separated, and working on getting back together while his dad is living in Brasília! Ya that is nuts, but he doesn't contact him or anything it is just a bit interesting. He is a great soccer player and he wants to learn English so he can maybe play on the BYU team. Ya we jumped on the English train already if that is what you were wondering. We played soccer this morning so that was awesome, I'm having more fun, and not ruining the games so that is good and all hahah.

We married and baptized a couple this week, that was super cool. Élder Ellis is another ÉLder that is staying with us until he goes home on Friday. He was the former Zone leader here and it is nice to get some advice from him. . . . 

oh my gosh. .  some one is listening to the numa numa yeah song. oh my gosh that is a blast from the past. My brothers know what I'm talking about, oh my gosh that is so funny hahahahha, numma numma yeah,

anyway so I am well, my area is big and awesome, I returned to the state of Goias and I feel at home here. They members are great and we are excited to work with the youth then branch president. We started a choir yesterday and I was able to give some vocal tips to the women, we are also going to have English class on Saturday so that is cool. This time I think it will work even better. 

I love you all, but I have to go 


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